Sometimes I Think About Dying

Trapped in a setting reminiscent of The Office, where she’s relegated to a secondary character without a narrative, Fran finds solace in fantasizing about deadly accidents and extravagant suicides to endure her workday. However, when a new colleague joins the company, Fran seizes the opportunity to forge a genuine human connection.


Premiering at Sundance, Sometimes I Think About Dying is a delicate, aesthetically captivating, and sensorial exploration. With a slow-paced, almost phantasmagorical approach, the film immerses us in Fran’s personal universe to explore themes of loneliness and the importance of cultivating meaningful human relationships. Set in the mundane yet dreadful environment of an office, the film offers a luminous and poetic portrayal, highlighting the significance of small gestures of affection to counter existentialism. It also serves as a showcase for the immense talent of Daisy Riley, whose performance seamlessly aligns with the indie genre.


Year: 2023
Runtime: 91′
Country: USA
Direction: Rachel Lambert
Screenplay: Stefanie Abel Horowitz, Kevin Armento, Katy Wright-Mead
Cast: Daisy Ridley, Dave Merheje, Parvesh Cheena
Cinematography: Dustin Lane
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Subtitles: Anaïs Mintenig
Contact: La Aventura

Wins & nominations

2023: Festival de Sundance
2023: Festival Champs-Élysées