Cora Bora

This quirky dramedy chronicles the odyssey of Cora, brilliantly portrayed by Megan Stalter (Hacks, Sometimes I Think About Dying), a chaotic, bold, and spiritually adrift musician in Los Angeles. When she starts to worry about the fate of her open, long-distance relationship, Cora impulsively decides to return to her hometown of Portland, determined to reclaim her girlfriend and break free from the downward spiral that ensnared her on the Californian coast.


Filmmaker Hannah Pearl Utt weaves a narrative around one of this year’s edition’s most iconic characters, portraying Cora as both imperfect and endearing. The film, written and produced by Rhianon Jones, executive producer of projects such as Shiva Baby and Palm Trees and Power Lines, features a unique blend of humor and dramatic catharsis typical of the indie scene. Premiering at SXSW, the movie has garnered attention at various festivals.


Year: 2023
Runtime: 92′
Country: USA
Direction: Hannah Pearl Utt
Screenplay: Rhianon Jones
Cast: Chelsea Peretti, Thomas Mann, Manny Jacinto
Cinematography: Senda Bonnet
Genre: Comedy
Subtitles: Fundación Triángulo
Contact: Magnify

Wins & nominations

2023: Festival de Nashville
2023: American Film Festival (Wroclaw)