Two old friends reunite to spend a weekend together in the mountains of Oregon. During the journey to some hot springs, they see how time has diminished their former complicity. Yo La Tengo plays the soundtrack to Reichardt’s first collaboration with Jonathan Raymond, her regular screenwriter. Old Joy brought the filmmaker the first international awards and it was the first American film to receive the top award at the Rotterdam Film Festival.

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Year: 2006
Runtime: 76′
Country: USA
Direction: Kelly Reichardt
Screenplay: Jonathan Raymond, Kelly Reichardt
Cast: Daniel London, Will Oldham, Tanya Smith
Cinematography: Peter Sillen
Genre: Drama
Contact: Filmscience

Wins & Nominations

2006: Independent Spirit Awards – Nominated for John Cassavetes Award
2007: Independent Spirit Awards – Producers Award
2007: BAFICI – Official Selection