A road movie in the key of thriller, influenced by Badlands, by Terrence Malick, which the filmmaker shot where she grew up, in Miami-Dade County (River of Grass, is another name for Florida Everglades). An impressive debut which made her known at the Sundance Film Festival, and nominated in four categories at the Independent Spirit Awards. It was one of the best films of 1995 for publications such as The Boston Globe, The Village Voice, Film Comment, The New York Daily News, Paper Magazine or The Guardian – San Francisco. “A roadless road-movie, a Loveless Love Story, and a Crimeless Crime Story” (Kelly Reichardt).

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Year: 1994
Runtime: 75′
Country: USA
Direction: Kelly Reichardt
Screenplay: Kelly Reichardt, Jesse Hartman
Cast: Larry Fessenden, Dick Russell, Michael Buscemi
Cinematography: Jim Denault
Genre: Road movie
Contact: Oscilloscope Laboratories

Wins & Nominations

1994: Sundance Film Festival
1995: Independent Spirit Awards: 4 nominations including Best First Film