Following the separation of his parents, Rodrigo (Adrián Ross) lives with his mother Valeria (Sophie Alexander-Katz) in a house on the outskirts of Mexico City. His relationship with her is one of excessive dependence: unhealthy and not without some repressed sexual desire. Then, one day, Valeria brings home Fernando (Fabián Corres), a man that is kind, patient and financially reliable. Rodrigo is filled with growing anger, as he feels Fernando is taking his place as the man of the house. And because of his possessiveness, he can’t stand the intimacy between Fernando and Valeria. Lonely and potentially violent, the boy begins to have dangerous thoughts. But Fernando is an extraordinary man who treats him well. And the woman he cherishes most in the world is in love with him. Rodrigo’s life slowly fills up with doubts, pain and a constant headache. As Rodrigo is falling into a spiral of madness, his reactions are becoming totally unpredictable.


An immensely difficult and well-observed character study, with memorable performances, Summer White is (surprisingly) the debut feature of director Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson. The filmmaker develops a highly complex story, without taboos, with a well-balanced precision and strength. The tension constantly increases to reach levels that are sometimes difficult to bear for viewers. Our only Mexican film of the year will not leave anyone indifferent. It certainly moved audiences at Sundance and Málaga Spanish Film Festival, where it won awards for Best Iberoamerican Film, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor.

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Year: 2020
Runtime: 85′
Country: Mèxic
Direction: Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson
Screenplay: Raúl Sebastian Quintanilla, Rodrigo Ruiz Patterson
Cast: Adrian Ross Magenty, Sophie Alexander-Katz, Fabián Corres
Cinematography: Sarasvati Herrera
Genre: Drama
Contact: Visit Films

Wins & Nominations

2020: Malaga Film Festival – Golden Biznaga (Best Iberoamerican Film)
2020: Sundance Film Festival