Emily the Criminal

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Emily (a fantastic Aubrey Plaza) works for a catering business, where she doesn’t earn enough to pay off a debt that she has been dragging on for years. One day, she accepts to do a job for petty criminals and earns a considerable amount of money. Attracted by the underworld she discovers and also by the man who hires her, Emily will seek to make more money and take on responsibilities in “the company”, putting her life in danger.


Newcomer John Patton Ford manages to create a tense and steady pace in this crime thriller set in the ever-fascinating Los Angeles, where Aubrey Plaza shines in a tough role, accompanied by a great Theo Rossi, who in his case, makes a rather tender criminal. Interestingly, the film made it into former President Obama’s top 10 best films of the year.


Title:  Emily the Criminal
Year: 2022
Runtime: 97′
Country: USA
Direction: John Patton Ford
Screenplay: John Patton Ford
Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Theo Rossi, Bernardo Badillo
Cinematography: Jeff Bierman
Genre: Thriller
Subtitles: Jaume Pérez Massó
Contact: Universal

Wins and nominations

2022: Independent Spirit Awards – Nominated for best first screenplay, (Aubrey Plaza), Supporting Performance (Theo Rossi) and Best First Feature
2022 – Gotham Awards – Nominated for Best Lead Performance (Aubrey Plaza)
2022 – Deauville Film Festival – Audience Award