Screening with Emily the Criminal

Jake might only be 14, but that’s old enough to be a man as far as his dad is concerned. The only problem is that Jake isn’t sure he’s ready to grow up – at least not in the way that his dad wants him to.


Title: CHAMP
Year: 2021
Runtime: 14′
Country: USA, United Kingdom
Direction: Ben Tricklebank
Screenplay: James Phillip Gould-Bourn, Ben Tricklebank
Cast: Drew Powell, Kingston Vernes, Trishauna Clarke
Cinematography: Oren Soffer
Genre: Drama
Subtitles: Mireia Bernal Fortuny, Marta Carmona Caixal, Laura Barroso Agullo, Estibaliz Cabañes Martínez De Cripán, Santiago Hernández Beltrán
Contact: Festival Formula