El hoyo en la cerca

In an exclusive summer camp in the middle of the countryside, the boys of a prestigious private school receive physical, moral, and religious training to turn them into tomorrow’s elite. The discovery of a hole in the camp’s perimeter fence triggers an increasingly disturbing series of events.


With the clear intention of reflecting on education issues and the gap between the social classes of his country, Joaquín del Paso presented El hoyo en la cerca at the Venice exhibition (Section Orizzonti) where he won the award for Best photography. With five nominations at the Mexican Ariel Awards and screenings at various international festivals, Del Paso is one of the most innovative voices on the Mexican filmmaking scene.


Title: El hoyo en la cerca
Year: 2021
Runtime: 100′
Country: Mexico
Direction: Joaquin del Paso
Screenplay: Lucy Pawlak, Joaquin del Paso
Cast: Valeria Lamm, Lucciano Kurti, Eric David Walker
Cinematography: Alfonso Herrera Salcedo
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Contact: Fernanda De la Peza

Wins and nominations

2021: Venice Film Festival – Best Cinematography (Horitzons)
2022: Ariel Awards: Nominated for Best First Screenplay, Sound, Original Score, Best Costume Design and Editing
2022: Morelia International Film Festival