After the death of her father, Mackenzie – a beautiful teenage girl – has her mom sending her away to Alaska to stay with her uncle for a little while. However, their relationship, that at first seems strange, rapidly becomes shady. The girl runs away to Seattle, improvising along the way how she will get there. She will cross paths with Rene, a middle-aged widower with whom she will find herself embarking on an adventure in the beautiful Alaskan lands. The pair will build a friendship mostly based on silence and mutual company. However, Mackenzie’s uncle has not given up on her, and he is looking for her throughout Alaska to make sure the secret they share, but that keeps them apart, remains unrevealed.


With his second work of fiction, director Frank Hall Green comes into limelight as an up-and-coming filmmaker with Wildlike, a feature that has already been shown in over 150 festivals all over the planet and that has won more than 45 international awards. This mixed genre film – blending elements of drama, thriller, adventure and even comedy – manages to captivate the viewer until the very end thanks to the natural performances of its actors, a narration where many things are left unexplained and silences are important, and finally, the unspeakable beauty of the landscapes in Alaska. Without a doubt, they are one of the greatest protagonists of the movie. After its worldwide success, this little gem now arrives at Americana.


Spanish Première

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2015: Best Actress and Best Actor
Massachusetts Independent Film Festival 2015: Best Feature
Rome International Film Festival, USA 2015: Best Narrative Feature
Independent Film Festival of Boston 2015: Audience Award and Special Jury Prize

Year: 2014

Runtime: 104 min

Country: Estats Units

Director: Frank Hall Green

Screenplay: Frank Hall Green

Cinematography: Hillary Spera

Cast: Ella Purnell, Nolan Gerard Funk, Bruce Greenwood

Genre: Drama

Language: Anglès



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