Without a fiancée, work, or hope, Wyatt takes refuge at his only friend’s house, Christian. Chris will try to help him any way he can: taking him out, reminiscing their teenage years, introducing him to people; in brief, being a friend. What Christian doesn’t know is that Wyatt hears voices and receives phone calls in the middle of the night, warning him that the end is near and that he must get ready for an imminent war against monsters. They might look like people, but they are not whom they pretend to be, and they are out to get him. Deep inside, Wyatt knows that it is possible his mind is playing tricks on him, but everything seems too real. While preparing himself for the worst, Wyatt tests out his friendship with his best friend.


With his first feature, Perry Blackshear shows that it is possible to set the scene of a horror film, almost mumblecore, in daily life. His movie blurs the line between thirty-something’s doubts about the future and terror. With an extremely low budget, he manages to immerse the viewer into an intense, albeit slowly unfolding, thriller, a genre which some critics call minimalist horror. What is certain is that Blackshear won over both public and critics, as evidenced by the numerous awards he received at independent film festivals in Boston, San Francisco, and Nashville.


Spanish Première

Fantasia Film Festival 2015: Most Innovative Film
Slamdance Film Festival 2015: Special Jury Award and Honorable Mention
Nashville Film Festival 2015: Grand Jury Prize, Best Actor and Audience Award
Independent Film Festival de Boston 2015: Grand Jury Prize

Year: 2015

Runtime: 80 min

Country: USA

Director: Perry Blackshear

Screenplay: Perry Blackshear

Cinematography: Perry Blackshear

Cast: MacLeod Andrews, Margaret Ying Drake, Evan Dumouchel

Genre: Thriller, Mistery

Language: English



Subtitles: Guillermo Parra and Pascale Trencia

Contact: MacLeod Andrews