15-year-old Jack lives with his older brother, with whom he has a difficult relationship, and his mother, who is too busy working to notice her son has problems. Jack experiences more than his share of teenage drama: girls laugh at him, school is a bore and as if that wasn’t enough, day after day, he is bullied by a group of older boys led by Shane. Things are not about to get any better with the arrival of his younger cousin, Ben, whom he has to take care of for some days. Actually, things can only get worse.


With King Jack, Felix Thompson produced a first feature film bearing much of the elements of independent filmmaking, including its soundtrack. This coming-of-age story is not exactly new, but that does not diminish in any way its tension, expectation and authenticity. It also benefits from the genuine feeling coming from the performance of its actors, who interpret characters having difficulties reaching out to the outside, but that are definitely searching for a way out. King Jack seems to be the start of a promising career for Thompson, who also wrote the script and received the audience award at Tribeca in 2015, as well as a nomination for the Independent Spirit Awards in 2016.


Spanish Première

Tribeca Film Festival 2015: Audience Award
Independent Spirit Awards nominations 2015: “Someone to Watch Award”

Year: 2015
Runtime: 80 min
Country: USA
Director: Felix Thompson
Screenplay: Felix Thompson
Cinematography: Brandon Roots
Cast: Charlie Plummer, Cory Nichols, Danny Flaherty
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Subtitles: Guillermo Parra i Pascale Trencia
Contact: Buffalo Picture House