Unidentified Objects

Peter, a gruff dwarf, is lonely and has no aspirations in life. One day, Winona, his neighbor, asks him to embark on a road trip with her through Canada, offering him a large sum of money in exchange. Peter reluctantly agrees. Soon, the girl confesses that they are searching for the next meeting point of some aliens who abducted her years ago. A few geocoordinates, a noisy car, opposite personalities, and many kilometers ahead transform their journey into a unique experience.


Juan Felipe Zuleta makes his debut with this very unconventional road movie, where the landscape and the delirium of its characters create a mysterious tale with sci-fi elements and great performances from Mathew Jeffers and Sarah Hay. Zuleta’s movie was even nominated for the Nuevas Visions Award at last year’s edition of Sitges.


Title: Unidentified Objects
Year: 2022
Runtime: 100′
Country: USA
Direction: Juan Felipe Zuleta
Screenplay: Juan Felipe Zuleta, Leland Frankel
Cast: Sarah Hay, Matthew Jeffers, Roy Abramsohn
Cinematography: Camilo Monsalve
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Science fiction
Subtitles: Softitular
Contact: The Film Collaborative

Wins and nominations

2022: L.A. Outfest – Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize
2022: Sitges Film Festival
2022: LesGaiCineMad