The Sound of Silence

People living in big cities nowadays are constantly affected by stress, anxiety and depression. “House tuner” Peter (Peter Sarsgaard) has the fervent conviction that this is a matter of noise pollution. Not only the loudness of car engines and sirens in New York City, but also a lack of calibration between the defining tones of its neighborhoods, created by the thousands of sounds that fill the streets, and household appliances. One client after the other, Peter manages to solve their sleeping problems and bring peace of mind to those who require his help. His daily practice leads him to believe that he is before scientific evidence and that the academic community will welcome him and his theory with open arms, thus giving meaning to his profession. But then, just at a moment in his career when he could not be more sure of himself, an anomaly appears. And slowly, mistakes after mistakes, all the elements of Peter’s well-orchestrated life go out of tune.
The undersaturated aura of this film takes us to a grim present-day New York City where there is no real connection between people and the city in which they live. Filmmaker Michael Tyburski has expanded the universe portrayed in his short film Palimpsesto, winner of the 2013 edition of Sundance, and created a character study based on a protagonist who lives in a world that moves at a different pace from ours, and that tragically, throws him into a reality that does not accept him and sets him as a marginal. In this story painted with gray brushstrokes, which is far from being a descent into hell, we are witnessing a tale of love between two dissonant notes that conceals a misunderstood character.

2019: Sundance Film Festival

Runtime: 87 min
Country: USA
Direction: Michael Tyburski
Screenplay: Ben Nabors, Michael Tyburski
Cinematography: Eric Lin
OST: Will Bates
Cast: Peter Sarsgaard, Rashida Jones, Tony Revolori
Genre: Drama
Language: 4/03 VOSC | 6/03 VOSE
Subtitles: XXX
Contact: Park Circus