For no apparent reason, Hunter (Hayley Bennett), an upper-class housewife starts to ingest small dangerous objects after she becomes pregnant. While the items she swallows jeopardize her health more and more, she becomes increasingly addicted to this strange habit. Bennett, a dead-ringer for Jennifer Lawrence and featured in the film The Girl on the Train (2016) based on Paula Hawkins’s best-seller, stars in this unsettling thriller immersed in a twisted atmosphere, akin to David Fincher’s Gone Girl (2014). Not for the fainthearted, Swallow can be interpreted as a startling feminist tale about a woman who struggles to regain control over her body in a patriarchal and conservative environment set in upstate New York.
In his first fiction film, Carlo Mirabella-Davis (The Swell Season) presents a psychological thriller featuring suppurating guts and open wounds, the artificial façade of the upper class and a blood-curling disorder. High in emotions, Swallow has a montage as precise as a Swiss watch and a cold, picture-perfect aesthetic. For her powerful performance, Bennett won Best Actress at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival last year.

2019: Tribeca Film Festival – Best Actress
2019: Deauville Film Festival – Special Jury Prize
2019: Sitges Film Festival

Year: 2019 Runtime: 94 min Country: USA Direction: Carlo Mirabella-Davis Screenplay: Carlo Mirabella-Davis Cinematography: Katelin Arizmendi OST: Nathan Halpern Cast: Haley Bennett, Austin Stowell, Denis O'Hare Genre: Drama Language: 5/03 VOSC | 8/03 VOSE Subtitles: Softitular Contact: Charades