Nothing goes right for Cassius “Cash” Green (LaKeith Stanfield). He is living in his uncle’s garage and his girlfriend is starting to be a little fed up with his ineptitude and pathetic economic condition. Until one day, he lands a telemarketing job at a lame company. After one of his colleagues advises him to use “his white voice” over the phone, Cash unexpectedly becomes the best salesman and gets promoted to the prestigious top floor. In the meantime, his lower-floor colleagues are rebelling and asking for better working conditions, which threatens his privileges as a “power caller”. And, if that wasn’t enough, once he joins the highest rank of the company, he begins to suspect that something very strange lurks underneath it all while his personal life is falling apart. Time is ticking: Cash can do the right thing or let himself be carried away by the incredible events occurring.
Crowned by its own merits as one of the best comedies of the last season, Boots Riley’s debut feature has won awards and positive reviews wherever it went. Explosive, original, absolutely crazy and delirious, with outstanding performances from its stellar cast, including Danny Glover, Tessa Thompson, and Armie Hammer, Sorry to Bother You received honors in Austin and Toronto. It also caught everyone by surprise when it was awarded Best Debut at the Independent Spirit Awards in 2019 and won rave reviews from the critics, gathering prizes for Best Films and Best Screenplay during the past year. All that for a comedy, of course, but a comedy that constantly provokes laughter while casting a dark look at the ridiculous and perverse society which we have created for ourselves. Laughter and post-screening discussion guaranteed.

2018: Independent Spirit Awards – Best First Feature, nominated for Best Screenplay
2018: Gotham Awards – Nominated for Breakthrough Director Award, Actor and Audience Award
2018: Sundance Film Festival

Year: 2018 Runtime: 110 min Country: USA Direction: Boots Riley Screenplay: Boots Riley Cinematography: Doug Emmett OST: The Coup, Merrill Garbus, Boots Riley, Tune-Yards Cast: Keith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Steven Yeun Genre: Comedy Language: 6/03 VOSC | 8/03 VOSE Subtitles: CA: Pau Velasco | ES: Alberto López Contact: Park Circus