Camille is a shy and lonely girl who lives in Long Island and spends her day with her skateboard. One day, she sustains an injury that will cause her mother, a woman who does not understand her passion at all, to forbid Camille from skating. She eventually meets a group of outspoken and vibrant girls who spend their day skating through the streets of New York. Camille will befriend the collective, enjoying their company and sharing their passion. But typical teenager issues will arise between the group and to remain part of the sisterhood, Camille will have to navigate between love and friendship, as well as to build her self-esteem. And at the same time, Camille attempts to get along with her mother from whom she has started to grow apart.
Taking life on the streets and parks of New York City as a background, director Crystal Moselle makes her debut in the feature-length fiction with a recurring theme in her shorts: skateboarding. She surrounded herself with a group of authentic skater girls and produced a powerful, generational and feminist film. In Skate Kitchen, girls talk without prejudice about the most intimate topics and live, love and drink with that adolescent passion that overcomes them. We can perfectly imagine Camille (Rachelle Vinberg) as an alter ego of the director, shy but eager to exploit and conquer a world that has not treated her so well. Screened at Sundance and Valladolid Film Festivals, Skate Kitchen has won notorious prizes in Stockholm and Mar del Plata. An exciting and atmospheric debut.
2018: Gotham Awards: Nominated for Bingham Ray Breakthrough Director Award
2018: Sundance Film Festival

Year: 2018

Runtime: 100 min

Country: USA

Direction: Crystal Moselle

Screenplay: Crystal Moselle, Jen Silverman, Aslihan Unaldi

Cinematography: Shabier Kirchner

OST: Aska Matsumiya

Cast: Jaden Smith, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Taylor Gray

Genre: Drama

Language: VOSE

Subtitles: XXX

Contact: Movistar+