Amanda (Morgan Saylor) and Jake (McCaul Lombardi) are a young couple looking to change their lives. They arrive in Los Angeles with their heads full of dreams, but semi-empty pockets and half-made plans. However, their first 24 hours in the city will not be as easy nor as fun as they would have thought. Premiering at ACID during the Cannes Film Festival, We the Coyotes by newcomers Marco La Via and Hanna Ladoul is a fresh and beautifully-observed film about the difficulties for young people to make grown-up decisions. Saylor (Homeland, White Girl) and Lombardi (American Honey, Patti Cakes, Sollers Point) convincingly interpret a couple wanting to escape a more traditional way of living and start a new life without ties or restrictions. A special mention to Lorelei Linklater, daughter of the renowned indie filmmaker, who we discovered in the amazing Boyhood (2014) and who appears in this film like a fish in the sea.
We the Coyotes shows how complicated it is to make one’s place in a big city when one has not yet reached the quarter of a century and furthermore, it depicts the precarious conditions in which the Millenials and the generation Z are used to living. The last section of the film explores this precise condition, endowing it with a festive aura. Despite the first difficulties of its protagonists, We the Coyotes ends up being a celebration of life, whatever the circumstances, addressing very actual themes such as free love, friendship and “Do it Yourself”. A fresh and light-hearted debut film that will delight lovers of road-movies and rebels with (or without) cause.

Year: 2018

Runtime: 87 min

Country: USA, France

Direction: Marco La Via, Hanna Ladoul

Screenplay: Marco La Via, Hanna Ladoul

Cinematography: Stephen Tringali

OST: Juan Cortés

Cast: Morgan Saylor, McCaul Lombardi, Betsy Brandt

Genre: Drama

Language: VOSE

Contact: Cercamon