Lennon (Sarah Achor) wants to be part of Columbus’ underground music scene, especially the band The Witch Siren, made up of Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf. To get closer to them, she starts a podcast about the unknown artists in her city. To achieve her goal, she won’t hesitate to lie, simulate or fake authenticity.


Poser could be seen as a more stylized and somewhat darker version of Ingrid Goes West (2017), with the obsessions and delusions of social networks as a common ground. Its narrative approach through the podcast plays in favor of the general aesthetics of the film and sets all the necessary elements to characterize the characters and the city’s counterculture. Dixon and Segev’s film is a solid debut feature, with its atmospheric visuals and its hipster vibe with many references to Under the Skin (2013).

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Year: 2021
Runtime: 87′
Country: USA
Direction: Ori Segev, Noah Dixon
Screenplay: Noah Dixon
Cast: Sylvie Mix, Bobbi Kitten
Cinematography: Logan Floyd
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Thriller
Subtitles: Jaume Pérez Massó, Guillermo Parra, Micky Vega
Contact: Loose Films

Wins & nominations

2021: Tribeca Film Festival