Kendra and Beth

Beth (Kate Lyn Sheil) is a shy and stoic girl who works as the only female employee in a sausage factory. Her life consists of taking care of her sick mother, putting up with sexual puns from her coworkers, watching Julia Roberts movies on VHS and encouraging her older brother in his artistic endeavour. The emptiness inside her is immense. One day, she meets Kendra (​​Eleanore Pienta), a free-spirited and independent girl who she quickly befriends. But their friendship has consequences and Beth’s fragile mental state will take a hit.


Between drama and fairy tale, Kendra and Beth brings us closer to the psyche of its leading female character, embodied by Sheil, a well-known indie actress (She Dies Tomorrow, Brigsby Bear, The Sacrament). In a detailed and tender way, Peterson’s film shows that there are fragile lives that must constantly search for their own happiness.

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Year: 2021
Runtime: 86′
Country: USA
Direction: Dean Peterson
Screenplay: Dean Peterson
Cast: Kate Lyn Sheil, Eleanore Pienta, Whitmer Thomas, Catherine Curtin, Jon Gabrus
Cinematography: Darin Quan
Genre: Drama, Comedia
Subtitles: Ana Pérez Requejo, Guillem Cunill Sabatés, Estibaliz Cabañes
Contact: Dean Peterson

Wins & nominations

2021: Woodstock Film Festival