Sophie Jones

Filmmaker Jessie Barr surprises us with her authentic coming-of-age directorial debut about a 16-year-old girl’s rebellious journey after a traumatic loss. Barr casts her teenage cousin Jessica in the lead role, surrounded by a group of young actors and actresses who give strong performances all around.


After the death of her mother, Sophie Jones rebels against the world. Despite the well-intended warnings of her friends, Sophie pursues her antics. She just wants to experience sex, defiance and confrontation, in an attempt to feel alive again. She wants to feel something, whether pain, pleasure or anguish. Her life, her family and her studies could soon fall apart. But what Sophie wants deep down is to be happy again.


Year: 2020
Runtime: 85′
Country: USA
Direction: Jessie Barr
Screenplay: Jessica Barr, Jessie Barr
Cast: Jessica Barr, Natalie Shershow, Elle Layne, Skyler Verity, Chase Offerle, Sam Kamerman
Cinematography: Scott Miller
Genre: Drama
Subtitles: Ana María Ruiz Matas
Contact: Vanishing Angle

Wins & nominations

2021: Mar del Plata International Film Festival
2021: Deauville American Film Festival