El Planeta

Filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist Amalia Ulman makes her directorial debut with this American-Spanish co-production about the dignity of two women in a precarious situation. Both endearing and delirious, the film, shot in just 16 days, is a combination of the surreal solitude of the recent Destello Bravío and the indolence of Jarmusch’s Strangers in Paradise. The film stars the director herself (diagnosed with autism), her mother Ale Ulman and filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo in a small role.


Leonor and her mother are facing an imminent eviction. Between more or less meaningful conversations and downtime, they will look for a way to resolve the matter, although the people they meet won’t make it easy for them.

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Original Title: El Planeta
Runtime: 82′
Country: USA, Spain
Direction: Amalia Ulman
Screenplay: Amalia Ulman
Cast: Amalia Ulman, Ale Ulman, Chen Zhou, Nacho Vigalondo, Saoirse Bertram
Cinematography: Carlos Rigo Bellver
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Contact: Visit Films

Wins & nominations

2021: Sundance Film Festival
2021: BAFICI
2021: New Directors/New Films – Opening Night