Pierce (Everett Silas), a young man without ambitions, helps in the family business and wanders around the neighborhood. His vital disorientation vanishes when his best friend is released from prison and his brother asks him to be the best man at his wedding. This story, somewhere between tragedy and comedy, is set in South Central, a marginal neighborhood of Los Angeles where, in 1983, Charles Burnett decided to position his camera and turn his knowledge and experiences into an independent film. The naturalness of the characters, mostly non-professional/ amateur actors, brings intimacy and authenticity to the aesthetics and the narrative of the film that automatically transports us to an urban landscape and a way of life.
The film was marginalized by the film industry, yet has come to light thanks to a production company that bought its rights. It was finally released in 2008 and Burnett could finally show the film as it was meant to be screened twenty-five years before. The fact that My Brother’s Wedding is part of this year’s edition of Americana festival is poetic justice for a filmmaker who was not given the opportunity of exposure, despite having the required talent and a story to tell. This film, that could have consolidated him as a breakthrough talent in filmmaking, shows his gift as a marginalized author and made him one of the best independent directors who unfortunately was never given a chance in Hollywood.

The Horse short film will be screened beforehand

Year: 1983 Runtime: 80 min Country: USA Direction: Charles Burnett Screenplay: Charles Burnett Cinematography: Charles Burnett Cast: Everett Silas, Jessie Holmes, Gaye Shannon-Burnett Genre: Drama Language: VOSE Contact: Milestone