The “violence interrupters” is a group formed by three former gang members of Chicago who have decided to protect their community from the violence in which they themselves were involved. They try to act as mediators to prevent possible struggles between gangs. Brilliant documentarian Steve James (America to Me, Hoop Dreams, Abacus: Small Enough to Jail) followed the interrupters for a year, documenting their actions and demonstrating that in many cases, their work is much more efficient than the police. Winner of the Best Documentary at the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards, The Interrupters shows to the audience the work of a filmmaker in full control of his creative and storytelling skills.

2011: Independent Spirit Awards: best documentary
2011: Gotham Awards: nominated for best documentary

Year: 2011 Runtime: 125 min Country: USA Direction: Steve James Cinematography: Steve James Genre: Documentary Language: VOSC