A lover of animals since childhood, Jane Goodall left the United Kingdom and arrived to the Gombe jungle (in Tanzania) in 1960, to live among the chimpanzees and study their behavior. Goodall, an extraordinary woman in a world dominated by men, was only 26 years old, lacked scientific training, but possessed binoculars, great patience and was a very observant and detail-oriented person, which allowed her to meticulously record all the information in his notebooks.


Goodall was not aware of the traditional research protocols and personalized his research, establishing an emotional link with his subjects of study, which allowed him to gain their trust. She made an amazing discovery, when she observed that one of the chimpanzees, whom she calls David Barba Gris, used a stick to extract ants from an underground anthill. He sent a telegram to his mentor with his observations, the famous paleontologist Louis Leakey, and became the woman who proved that, in addition to humans, primates also use tools to achieve their goals.


Jane Goodall was a pioneer who challenged adversity to become one of the most admired conservationists in the world. She is founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and Messenger of Peace for the UN, and is the absolute protagonist of “Jane”, an awaited documentary, nominated for the BAFTA Awards, which premieres in Spain simultaneously in National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild Sunday, March 18 at 6:00 p.m.


The director of “Jane” is Brett Morgen, nominated for an Oscar and Emmy and considered “the most outstanding director who has revolutionized documentaries in the US” according to “The Wall Street Journal”. Morgen has used a large number of images shot in 16 mm and rediscovered in 2014 in the National Geographic archives that have shed a new light on the innovative work of the conservationist.


2017: Best Documentary – National Board of Reviews, USA

2017: Audience Award – Leeds International Film Festival

2017: Best Documentary – Chicago Film Critics Association Awards

2017: Best Documentary – Women Film Critics Circle Awards


Sunday 11th – 16:15 – Sala 2 – Free Entrance: tickets will be distributed from the same Sunday 11th at 16:00 in order of arrival


Sunday 18th – 18:00 – TV Première at National Geographic y Nat Geo Wild

Year: 2017

Runtime: 90 min

Country: USA

Direction: Brett Morgen

Cinematography: Ellen Kuras

OST: Philip Glass

Genre: Biographical Documentary

Language: VOSE


Contact: National Geographic