Highly unstable, yet strangely endearing Ingrid Thorburn (played by Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza) is a sad loner with some serious issues. After pepper-spraying a girl she followed obsessively on Instagram because she wasn’t invited to her wedding reception and spending time in a mental institution, Ingrid rekindles with her smartphone and falls back into her old stalker ways. She quickly gets hung up on Taylor Sloane, (Martha Marcy May Marlene’s Elizabeth Olsen), who happily flaunts the “hashtagable” moments of what seems like a picture-perfect life. In Ingrid’s eyes, Taylor has everything that she doesn’t. With her mother’s inheritance in her pocket, Ingrid heads west to start over and successfully plots to befriend Taylor. Soon, Ingrid is #livingthedream alongside her selfie-taking bestie, but her possessive behaviour is threatening her relationship with Taylor, who grows suspicious of her. When things are about to spiral out of control, especially after the arrival of Taylor’s freeloader brother Nicky (Billy Magnussen), Ingrid decides there is no turning back: she will do what it takes not to lose what she came to California for.


With a Sundance-winning screenplay and two nominations at this year’s Independent Spirit Awards (Best First Screenplay and Best First Feature) under its belt, Ingrid Goes West tackles very actual issues related with social media dependence. It’s a dark comedy with an excellent screenplay and a thrilling ending that offers food for thought. Plaza gives a brilliant performance, achieving a perfect balance between genres. Matt Spicer’s film also features an incredible supporting cast, including the amazingly talented Olsen and O’Shea Jackson Jr. playing the role of Dan, Ingrid’s screenwriting landlord. Jackson made his acting debut playing his actual dad, rapper Ice Cube, in the movie Straight Outta Compton and finds himself at the beginning of a promising career.

Enjoyable and critical, this feature film portrays the darker side of social media, which can become a deceptive illusion, especially for people maladapted to deal with real life.


Thursday 8th 22:00 – Sala 1

Saturday 10th 16:15 – Sala 1


2018: Nominated for best first screenplay and first feature – Independent Spririt Awards

2017: Best screenplay – Sundance Film Festival

2017: Sidney Film Festival

2017: Los Angeles Film Festival

Year: 2017

Runtime: 93 min

Country: USA

Direction: Matt Spicer

Screenplay: David Branson Smith, Matt Spicer

Cinematography: Bryce Fortner

OST: Nick Thorburn

Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen, O'Shea Jackson Jr.

Genre: Comedy

Language: VOSE



Subtitles: Antti Savinen

Contact: Sony Pictures