Rocky Braat doesn’t have the emotional stability he needs. Living with his long-time friend, Steve, he always wanted to find a family, maybe because his own is so dysfunctional it is almost non-existent. Seeking to find himself, he travels to India without a specific idea in mind. There, he meets by chance HIV-positive children living in an orphanage who will change his life radically. Captivated by their affection, and feeling useful and fulfilled for the first time in his life, Rocky will fight to provide for the children. But the poverty and illness they suffer from will make the situation hard and hopeless on many occasions. A hard-to-watch, yet heart-warming movie that brings us closer to those who – without planning it – devote their life to help others.


Somehow, while visiting his friend Rocky Braat, Steve Hoover felt obliged to produce a film that he never thought he would make. Raw and soulful, Steve’s movie shows us everything that happened between his friend and the sick children, his daily fight, his fears, the intense emotions, his addictions, death and, above all else, life. In that way, Blood Brother turns out to be an intense and emotional documentary that was able to move the jury and the public at some famous film festivals where it was presented, like Sundance, where it won both the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize. And, in this case, the story continues after the film. Rocky Braat is still in India, and thanks to social media, we can follow his daily fight and his progress. Essential filmmaking.


Sundance Film Festival 2013: Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award.

Atlanta Film Fest 2013: Audience Award

Milano Film Fest 2013: Best Documentary

Year: 2013

Runtime: 92 min

Country: USA

Director: Steve Hoover

Screenplay: Phinehas Hodges, Steve Hoover, Tyson VanSkiver

Cinematography: John Pope

Genre: Documentary

Language: English


Subtitles: Roco Films

Contact: Roco Films