Chris spends the weekend with his father at Yosemite National Park and finds a skeleton in the woods. Joe feels ignored at home and befriends a secluded misfit that shares his love for comic books. In the meantime, a wild beast has been spotted around Palo Alto in broad daylight and Ted is searching for his lost cat. This intimate coming-of-age story set in Silicon Valley in the 80’s nostalgically convey the strands of buried emotions when innocence is lost and everything changes, under the omnipresent threat of the external world.


For her opera prima, Gabrielle Demeestere adapted two short stories – ‘Yosemite’ and ‘Peter Parker’ – taken from James Franco’s book A Childhood California. Showing skills and sensitivity, she delivers a tale of lost childhood that transcends the storyline, with an atmosphere that makes the audience feel uneasy. After travelling around the independent film circuit – Slamdance, Sarasota, Nashville and Seattle – Yosemite arrives to Americana with its unmistakable air of melancholy.


Spanish Première

Nashville Film Festival 2015: “Women in Film & Television Award”

Year: 2015

Runtime: 80 min

Country: USA

Director: Gabrielle Demeestere

Screenplay: Gabrielle Demeestere

Cinematography: Chananun Chotrungroj and Bruce Thierry Cheung

Cast: James Franco, Henry Hopper, Barry Del Sherman

Genre: Drama

Language: English



Subtitles: Mónica Prieto i Guillermo Parra

Contact: Gabrielle Demeestere

2016, 2016