Hugo (Hugo de Sousa) visits his girlfriend Amanda (Essa O’Shea) in the United States, after several months apart, hoping to consolidate their relationship. However, doubts, secrets and unexpected friction begin to endanger their future as a couple. After making some shorts and the film Mad (2016), Robert G. Putka co-writes with his main star a story that we could well describe as a possible follow-up of the marvelous and heartbreaking 10.000 km from Catalan filmmaker Carlos Marqués-Marcet. Although the latter ends when the couple is reunited in the USA, We Used To Know Each Other begins at that precise moment. After spending a certain amount of time apart, there is a point of no return where a decision must be taken, face to face: either continue as a couple or break up.
Putka depicts without artifices or flourishes one of the most delicate matters that a couple can face. Filled with close-ups and small gestures, the magic of We Used to Know Each Other resides in the naturalness of the dialogues and the actions of its protagonists. Hugo and Amanda are two young people who question themselves and, in turn, question the world they live in while trying to determine if they fit into prevailing social structures. Lovers of romantic dramedies like Digging For Fire (Americana 2016), Your Sister’s Sister and films that show the most authentic, ambiguous and harsh face of relationships such as Take This Waltz (2011), 10.000 km, Las Distancias and Blue Valentine will appreciate this little gem from Putka.
With courage, good cinematographic rhythm and some incredibly natural newcomers as the main protagonists, Putka offers this solid and bold proposal that sets itself as a valuable indie (or off-indie) encompassed in the ever-growing panorama of American independent cinema. It is a film made with very few resources, but a desire to tell an everyday life story without the help of well-known faces in the industry such as the Duplass brothers or director Joe Swanberg. Americana 2019 is honored to hold the international premiere of the film.


World Premiere

Year: 2018

Runtime: 74 min

Country: USA, Portugal, UK

Direction: Robert G. Putka

Screenplay: Robert G. Putka, Hugo de Sousa

Cinematography: Joe Martin, Mackenzie Mathis

OST: Philip Hirzel

Cast: Sandra Cóias, Hugo de Sousa, Ashley Lenz

Genre: Romcom

Language: VOSE

Subtitles: Carlos Ulecia

Contact: Robert G. Putka