Todos los incendios

Bruno finds himself deeply unhappy. His father’s death, his mother’s new boyfriend whom he despises, and his best friend harboring unrequited feelings contribute to the angst that saturates his teenage years. Seeking an outlet, Bruno turns to setting things on fire and sharing it online. As he starts connecting with a follower, he impulsively flees from home to meet her, embarking on a transformative and surprising journey that unfolds in unexpected ways.


All the Fires, a small Mexican film that garnered praise from the Locarno Film Festival, marks the debut feature film of Mauricio Calderón Rico. It explores the intricate lives of teenagers dealing with their sexual preferences, addressing themes of repression and raging hormones. Blending elements of drama and a road movie, Calderón Rico paints a realistic yet endearing portrayal of his protagonists.


Year: 2023
Runtime: 86′
Country: Mexico
Direction: Mauricio Calderón Rico
Screenplay: Mauricio Calderón Rico
Cast: Ximena Ayala, Antonio Fortier, Iliana Donatlán
Cinematography: Miguel Escudero
Genre: Drama
Contact: Colmena

Wins & nominations

2023: Morelia Film Festival – Best actor (Sebastián Rojano)
2023: Locarno Film Festival