TikTok, Boom.

TikTok, the most downloaded app in the world, is revered by many of its users. Virality and exposure have made it not only a mirror of our societies but also a key tool of global geopolitics.


TikTok is the most downloaded app in history. Its virality has generated a business network that has captured the attention of brands and users everywhere. Influencers, experts, and journalists talk about the conflicts and opportunities generated by the Chinese application; the opacity of the company, the addiction and anxiety it generates among its users, the technological conflict between the USA and China, but also job creation, the social network that unites marginalized groups based on a personalized algorithm, and its undeniable capacity for entertainment.


Through all the testimonies, a polyhedral image is created of the social network that has challenged the most the hegemony of the United States and Silicon Valley. The documentary raises questions about a future where we lose privacy and freedom, but gain communication and diversity: do boundaries protect us or restrict our rights to expression?


Title: TikTok, Boom.
Year: 2022
Runtime: 97′
Country: USA
Direction: Shalini Kantayya
Screenplay: Sabine Hoffman, Randy Redroad
Cast: Richard Cannon III, Jonathan Madrid
Cinematography: Steve Acevedo
Genre: Documentary
Subtitles: Estibaliz Cabañes, Elena Suñer Saldaña
Contact: Vertigo Releasing

Wins and nominations

2022: Sundance Film Festival
2022: SXSW Film Festival
2022: CPH:DOX