The Pez Outlaw

The surreal story of a Pez dispensers smuggler and his resale business in the US, turning him into the unexpected target of the company’s “Pezident”.


In the 1990s, Steve Glew smuggled Pez dispensers into the US, which he then offered to collectors. Bought from a factory in Eastern Europe and then resold in the US, thanks to a legal loophole, Steve made millions of dollars in only a few years. Unfortunately, Steve is a naive man who does not know much about business. Soon, reality catches up with him and wakes him up from his dream.


Mixing interviews with a reenactment of the events, and starring Steve Glew himself, the film tells us the surreal tale of a dreamer, a misfit, who goes on a delirious journey and without realizing it, becomes the target of a large company. Through his adventures, we discover the endearing portrait of a creative man who dedicated his life to his passion.


Title: The Pez Outlaw
Year: 2022
Runtime: 85′
Country: USA
Direction: Amy Bandlien Storkel, Bryan Storkel
Cast: Eric Leukert, Jim Blaine, Katie Chrzanowski
Cinematography: Britton Foster
Genre: Documentary, Comedy
Contact: Bryan Storkel

Wins and nominations

2022: SXSW Film Festival – Best Acting in a Documentary
2022: American Film Festival Wroclaw – Best Documentary
2022: Cleveland International Film Festival