Third Week

Freshly released from prison, Alvin, now on parole, begins working at a tool and die workshop in Staten Island. Residing in a housing project with his ailing grandmother, he keeps a low profile, avoiding any connections with the individuals who led him to prison. Suddenly, his long-absent mother reaches out, urgently asking for financial help to secure her release from prison. Faced with the anxiety of his grandmother and concerned about her declining health, Alvin embarks on a quest to find a means to fund his mother’s bail.


In Third Week, filmmaker Jordi Torrent steers clear of stereotypes to depict the challenges of surviving in a city like New York, particularly as a member of the Afro-American community. The movie approaches these issues from a humanist perspective, addressing universal themes such as redemption, hope, and second chances in life.


Year: 2023
Runtime: 90′
Country: USA, Spain
Direction: Jordi Torrent
Screenplay: Jordi Torrent
Cast: Aaron Poon, Edu Díaz, Lucinda Carr, Richard Vetere
Cinematography: James Callanan
Genre: Drama
Contact: Toned Media