Abel Ferrara introduces us to Nicolas “Nicky” Nicolaou, a Greek Cypriot immigrant that moved to New York City when he was twelve years old. In true American spirit, and at his own rhythm, Nicky went from box-office clerk to owner of a movie theater. It was the 1970s and films from that era reflected that period in time: Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, The French Connection. Films premiere at adult theaters were often sold out and the business was booming. Nicky saw it as a great opportunity and purchased a couple of cinema venues all around town. Neither the big theater chains nor the exorbitant rents in the Big Apple could overthrow Nicky. For a long time, his endeavor helped to preserve neighborhood movie theaters and was a true token of his great love for cinema.
In this present-day documentary, Ferrara revisits the places that marked Nicky’s life, from Chypre to New York City. Ferrara’s work shows the ghostly spirit running through the crowded streets of the city where cinemas and art houses have disappeared to be replaced by clothing stores and nightclubs. Using archival footage, the documentarian created a lively tribute to independent cinema that, not unlike the film’s protagonist, struggles to keep alive the golden age of films in New York City.

Last Interview Film of Jonas Mekas -version1- short film will be screened beforehand
2019: Gijón Film Festival

Year: 2019 Runtime: 81 min Country: USA Direction: Abel Ferrara Cinematography: Ken Kelsch OST: Joe Delia Genre: Documentary Language: VOSE Subtitles: Subtitula'm Contact: The Match Factory