Showing Up

Lizzy (Michelle Williams), a sculptor dealing with family issues, rents a house from fellow artist Jo to use as her workshop. Their relationship is rife with rivalry and tension, heightened by a domestic problem that Jo never finds the time to resolve. When a pigeon enters Lizzy’s house and her cat injures the bird, nursing it back to health unexpectedly becomes another source of conflict between the two artists, both preparing for upcoming exhibitions.


Critically acclaimed indie queen Kelly Reichardt made this delightful film featuring characters navigating the uncertainties of life. Screened at Cannes, the film earned a nomination at the Independent Spirit Awards and secured a spot among the top ten films of the year according to Cahiers du Cinéma. A character study that intimately explores the chaotic lives of these artmakers, portrayed as both brilliant and vulnerable.


Year: Showing Up
Runtime: 108′
Country: USA
Direction: Kelly Reichardt
Screenplay: Jonathan Raymond, Kelly Reichardt
Cast: Michelle Williams, Hong Chau, André 3000
Cinematography: Christopher Blauvelt
Subtitles: Guillermo Parra, Albert Vilalta
Contact: Universal

Wins & nominations

2022: Cannes Film Festival
2023: Gotham Awards – Nominated for best feilm and best Outstanding Lead Performance (Michelle Williams)