In the late ‘60s, Hollywood actress and Nouvelle Vague muse Jean Seberg (Kristen Stewart) is put in the crosshairs of FBI after she starts an affair with civil rights activist and active member of the Black Panthers, Hakim Jamal (Anthony Mackie). Benedict Andrews focuses on a key moment in Jean Seberg’s life, with an all-star cast featuring Jack O’Connell, Zazie Beetz, Margaret Qualley and the queen of the show, Kristen Stewart. Once more, the actress proves her versatility to embody any character and brings a unique and highly personal intelligence and sensuality to the great icon that was Seberg.
Closer to a thriller than a romantic melodrama or a biopic, Seberg is an aesthetically flawless film that shows to the audience the paranoia that reigned in the ranks of the FBI in the United States through the eyes of an actress that wanted to make a difference and be more than just a pretty face on the screen. The film also features music by composer Jed Kurzel, inspired by classical original scores typical of thrillers from that era, a strong performance by Yvan Attal who lives up to the role of someone as unfathomable as Romain Gary and a strong message of warning concerning institutional power and its impacts on people’s lives.
Screened at the Venice Festival and the Perlas section at the San Sebastián Festival later, Seberg is a refined, purposeful, radical and sensual film starring the fabulous Kristen Stewart who possesses the incredible ability to blow the viewers away whenever she appears on the screen.

2019: Venice Film Festival
2019: San Sebastián Film Festival

Year: 2019 Runtime: 96 min Country: USA Direction: Benedict Andrews Screenplay: Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse Cinematography: Rachel Morrison Music: Jed Kurzel Cast: Kristen Stewart, Jack O'Connell, Vince Vaughn Genre: Drama Language: 7/03 VOSE | 8/03 VOSC Subtitles: ES: Gonzalo Iturregui | CA: Savinen Contact: Park Circus