Nadia, Butterfly

Selected at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, in the Official Selection category, and winner of Best Canadian Feature Film at the Vancouver Film Festival, Nadia, Butterfly comes to Americana with an amazing CV. Starring professional swimmer Katerine Savard (winner of the bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Games) in the title role, the film follows Nadia during her stay in Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics. In the parallel universe that filmmaker Pascal Plante created, these Olympic games have taken place.


After swimming the last race of her professional career, a 200-meters butterfly stroke, Nadia says goodbye to her well-known modus vivendi sport, her coach and her teammates to embrace the infinite possibilities that the future holds.


Introspective and meticulous, Nadia, Butterfly immerses viewers in the stunned state experienced by Nadia, who must take her first steps out of the water, while in Japan during the frenzy of the Olympic games. Hard workouts, massages, crazy parties, motivational talks and strolls through one of the most populated cities in the world come together in a film with a near-poetic structure where Savard is the absolute focal point.


A special mention goes to the lovable Miraitowa, the omnipresent mascot of the Tokyo Olympics, and a karaoke moment featuring Canadian singer Avril Lavigne’s hit Complicated; a real treat for lovers of pop references. Spanish premiere.

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Year: 2020
Runtime: 107′
Country: Canadà
Direction: Pascal Plante
Screenplay: Pascal Plante
Cast: Katerine Savard, Ariane Mainville, Pierre-Yves Cardinal
Cinematography: Stephanie Weber Biron
Genre: Drama
Language: VOSE
Subtitles: Marina Cruselles Seser and Jaume Pérez Massó
Contact: Wazabi Films

Wins & Nominations

2020: Vancouver International Film Festival – Best Canadian Feature Film

2020: Oficial Selection Cannes Film Festival

2020: Busan International Film Festival