With her vibrant portrait of the artist Martha Cooper, Selina Miles showcases the work of a woman who achieved recognition as an urban photographer and yet, might still be unknown to most viewers. Through a series of personal interviews and a review of her entire (extensive) career, the audience learns how Cooper gained praise from graffiti artists for being the one who gave them a voice within the art world about four decades ago.
From São Paulo to New York City, via Berlin, the relentless Cooper lets herself be captured on film by Miles who signs her first feature-length documentary, after dedicating several years to the world of short films. She presents this homage to the 77-years-old photographer who can proudly claim to have been the one to document the rise of hip-hop in the streets of NYC. Cooper’s style of photojournalism allowed her to quickly make a name for herself in a profession dominated by men and lead her to be closely associated with street art, which she continues to defend tooth and nail. Martha: A Picture Story is a beautiful tale on the social impact of art and its undeniable cultural value.

2019: Sydney Film Festival – Audience Award
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Year: 2019 Runtime: 84 min Country: USA, Australia Direction: Selina Miles Cinematography: Marcus Autelli Genre: Documentary Language: 5/03 VOSC | 8/03 VOSE Subtitles: CA: Savinen | ES: Montana Colors Contact: Maya Mulvey-Santana