Roger Ebert, probably the most popular and influential film critic of the last quarter of the 20th century in the United States, died of thyroid cancer in 2013. Ebert, who spent his entire career telling viewers what movies to watch, becomes himself a shining movie star in this documentary. Life, Itself does not skimp on details of his illness or the most controversial moments of his career, especially of the twenty-four years during which he hosted a popular television program with his rival, Gene Siskel. Excessive, irritable, bright and scathing, Ebert went through life causing a stir until his last day. Life, Itself is a tribute to cinema and everyone who loves it. It was directed by Steve James, one of his closest friends, to whom Ebert asked to record his last days. With a lot of love, James produced a classic-style documentary that became an essential tale about the film critic.
2014: National Board of Review: Best documentary

Year: 2014 Runtime:120 min Direction: Steve James Cinematography: Dana Kupper OST: Joshua Abrams Genre: Documental