Even though we don’t know much about James White’s past, it is clear he never had it easy. He is portrayed as a slightly violent and impulsive man prone to excess. When James loses his father, with whom he had a fallout, a member of his family says to him: ‘We always thought you’d end up in jail.’ Yet, he has not and James tries to cope with everything life sends his way with that boiling temperament of his and a mother suffering from cancer he has to take care of. One day, James learns his mother had a relapse, thus sending him into an extremely vulnerable state. Without the support of his relatives, and for only help his best friend and a girl he recently started to date, James will have to confront his demons and get his life together in the face of his mother’s illness. A situation which seems to be too much for James, but then again, the ones who seem more fragile are sometimes the strongest.
A first feature film for director Josh Mond, James White is a family drama that won’t leave anyone indifferent: harsh, uncomfortable and hard to process, yet at the same time, brutally human. With lurking tension and an almost claustrophobic atmosphere, this indie flick showcases exceptional performances from Christopher Abbott and Cynthia Nixon. Nominated for Best First Feature, Best Male Lead, and Best Supporting Female at the 2016’s Independent Spirit Awards, James White also won multiple awards at well-known festivals where it was presented, like Sundance and Locarno. Chosen as one of the Top Ten Films of 2015 by the National Board of Review, James White is finally presented at Americana for what will be, without a doubt, a powerful cinematic experience.
2015: Locarno Film Fest – Don Quixote Award – Special Mention
2015: Independent Spirit Awards – Nominaded for Best First Feature, Best Male Lead and Best Supporting Female
2015: Sundance Film Festival – Audience Award (Next).
2015: National Board of Review – Top Ten Independent Films
2015: Deauville Film Festival

Year: 2015

Runtime: 85 min

Country: USA

Direction: Josh Mond

Screenplay: Josh Mond

Cinematography: Mátyás Erdély

OST: Scott Mescudi

Cast: Christopher Abbott, Cynthia Nixon, Scott Mescudi

Genre: Drama

Language: English


Subtitles: Diamond Films

Contact: Diamond Films