After their feature debut, Plastic Utopia, was considered too strange by most festival programmers, the Zellner brothers did something worthy of any truly independent and radical filmmaker: they made an even stranger film. Adapted from a “literary masterpiece” from the nation of Bulbovia, the film faithfully captures the rituals of the Bulbovians, from erecting frontiers to national conquest and duels of raw chickens. Strangers in a strange land, the weakest explorers of Bulbovia (David Zellner and Wiley Wiggins) try to obediently colonize a new world but soon discover that their buttoned shirts and rational thoughts are vanishing into a chaos of people eating beetles, molesting trees and swapping wives. An authentic delirium and a unique madness that was programmed, in spite of everything, in the 2001 edition of SXSW.

Year: 2001
Runtime: 82 min
Country: USA
Direction: David Zellner
Screenplay: David Zellner
Cast: Wiley Wiggins, David Zellner, Nathan Zellner, Stephanie Wilson
Genre: Drama