It appears the world has come to an end. Two men find themselves in a survival pod, designed by one of them. Subtle details suggest that one may be responsible for the dire situation. Their daily routine revolves around sports, canned food, and some fish in a small pond for breeding, the key to sustaining themselves. However, a dinner mishap leads them to unknowingly consume the only female fish. Desperation sets in, but little do they know that nature, in its wisdom, can unfold in unimaginable ways.


Produced by the indie cinema giants, the Duplass brothers, and featuring Mark in a starring role, this dystopian comedy with surreal elements promises to captivate audiences with its daring plot twists. A stage, two actors, and a world to reconquer.


Year: 2023
Runtime: 106′
Country: USA
Direction: Mel Eslyn
Screenplay: Mark Duplass, Mel Eslyn
Cast: Mark Duplass, Sterling K. Brown
Cinematography: Nathan M. Miller
Genre: Comedy, Science fiction
Subtitles: Ana Pérez Requejo, Jaume Pérez Massó
Contact: Blue Fox Entertainment

Wins & nominations

2023: American Film Festival Wroclaw