JT Leroy appeared on the North American literary scene like a hurricane. His critically-acclaimed first novel, Sarah, became a bestseller. In his debut ‘semi-autobiographical’ book, JT Leroy, an HIV-positive transgender writer, tells the story of his childhood as the son of a truck-stop prostitute and a drug addict. Dozens of celebrities were dazzled by the power of his words and his life story. Everyone wanted to be friends with JT Leroy and offers were pouring in. But maybe the oversized glasses and the blond wig of the young literary sensation were hiding a very different story, one that no one could have suspected.
Film director Jeff Feuerzeig is very skilled at portraying complex characters and outsiders. After presenting The Devil and Daniel Johnston in 2005 and The Real Rocky in 2011, he comes back this year with the very intriguing Author: The JT Leroy Story. A shocking and clever documentary about pop icon JT Leroy. A stunning film, even for those who are not familiar with LeRoy’s work.
2016: Sundance Film Festival
2017: Writer’s Guild of America – Nominated for best documentary screenplay.
2016: Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US – “The unforgettables” award.
2016: Champs-Élysées Film Festival.
2016: DocAviv Film Festival.

Year: 2016

Runtime: 110 min

Country: USA

Direction: Jeff Feuerzeig

Screenplay: Jeff Feuerzeig

Cinematography: Richard Henkels

OST: Walter Werzowa

Genre: Documentary

Language: English

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Subtitles: Videolab

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