Dan and his wife Mary have a second home in the mountains, which they use it to kick back, paint and spend quality family-time. Problems arise when two poltergeists start haunting Dan at night. Dan decides to take the matter into hands and looks for a paranormal professional to get rid of the ghosts. After some search, he finds Os, a certified exorcist with whom he locks himself up during one weekend to catch the spiritual entities, despite his wife taking a dim view of the plan. Dan will slowly realize that Os might be as strange as the ghosts haunting his vacation house.
Director Carson Mell offers a micro-budget feature that is exactly what it intends to be: entertaining, frightening, and funny at the same time. With his first film, Mell proves that with very little money, but with good actors and great directing skills, it is possible to pull all of that off.
2016 – South by Southwest Film Festival

2016 – Seattle International Film Festival

2016 – Fantasia International Film Festival

Year: 2016

Runtime: 90 min

Country: USA

Direction: Carson D. Mell

Screenplay: Carson D. Mell

Cinematography: Drew Bienemann

OST: Alexandra Johnstone

Cast: Mark Proksch, Steve Zissis, Jennifer Irwin

Genre: Terror / Comedy

Language: English


Subtitles: Guillem Cunill and Pau Velasco

Contact: Raven Banner