A father of a wealthy family buys his son a wiener-dog, to give him a whim and a pet to fill the space that both he and the mother (Julie Delpy) do not fill. Due to fate, the dog will change hands continuously:. Dawn Wiener, a lonely girl (Greta Gerwig) who embarks on a journey without destination with a drug addict boy (Kieran Culkin) she just met, a couple with down syndrome, a teacher who is teased by his students (Danny DeVito) or a lonely and wealthy sick woman (Ellen Burstyn), will be part of this mosaic that Todd Solondz will use to deploy his usual irony and make an uncompromising comedy, giving his characters the usual pathos of his cinema.


Title: Wiener-Dog
Year: 2016
Runtime: 90′
Country: USA
Direction: Todd Solondz
Screenplay: Todd Solondz
Cast: Danny DeVito, Ellen Burstyn, Greta Gerwig, Kieran Culkin, Julie Delpy
Cinematography: Edward Lachman
Genre: Comedy

Wins and nominations

2016: San Sebastián Film Festival
2016: Deauville Film Festival – Jury Award