It’s the summer of 1976, about a year after the Vietnam War. Two Canadian teenagers, Kit and his girlfriend Alice, decide to run away from home together and hitchhike their way across Nova Scotia, on the Canadian East Coast, for Kit to reunite with his estranged bohemian mother Laura, and to live a little. During their trip, in between rock music, a bit of underage drinking and Andy Warhol apparitions —Kit’s “spirit animal”—, the two teenagers will have to overcome their insecurities and embrace their true identity, however hard this may be.


Screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Berlinale and the Gijón International Film Festival, Weirdos is a coming-of-age drama about two free souls with an enormous appetite for the world. Beautifully shot in black and white, this feature by Canadian film director Bruce McDonald surveys the mindset of a generation who wanted to enjoy a present where everything seemed possible. At first, the main characters believe they can lead a more exciting life if they escape their humdrum routine. However, they soon realise that the key to happiness is not a wild, no-strings-attached, boho life, but an existence shared with your loved ones, with people who accept you for who you are. One of the most original aspects of this film is the appearances of Kit’s imaginary friend, taking the shape of Andy Warhol and popping up from time to time to give the teenager some life advice as if he was his own personal Jiminy Cricket. Delicate and subtle, Weirdos will no doubt please the nostalgics and those who too dreamed—and still dream—of a youth full of adventures.


2016: Toronto International Film Fest

2017: Nominated for Teddy Bear and Crystal Bear – Berlinale

2017: Best original Screenplay and Supporting actress – Canadian Screen Awards

2017: Gijón Film Festival

Year: 2016
Runtime: 85 min
Country: Canada
Direction: Bruce McDonald
Screenplay: Daniel Maclvor
Cinematography: Becky Parsons
Cast: Dylan Authors, Julia Sarah Stone, Molly Parker, Allan Hawko, Rhys Bevan-John
Genre: Drama
Language: VOSE
Subtitles: Subtitula'm
Contact: Double Dutch International