We Were Once Kids

Winner of Best Editing at the Tribeca Film Festival, We Were Once Kids explores the consequences that Larry Clark’s cult film Kids (1995) had on the lives of its protagonists. That newfound fame and stardom was something brutal for some of these teenagers who practically lived on the streets of New York. Some were able to move on, but others did not.


Director Eddie Martin decided to investigate, together with co-writer Hamilton Harris who also starred in Kids, about the chiaroscuro that surrounds the entire production and to give voice to Justin Pierce and Harold Hunter. Actresses Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson, who saw their career take off after the film was released, do not appear in the documentary precisely because Martin and Harris wanted to give space to all the other teenagers who signed a contract without knowing what they were doing and who were left on their own afterwards. Harmony Korine was only 19 when he wrote the script for Kids and he seldom talks about his experience.

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Year: 2021
Runtime: 91′
Country: USA, Australia
Direction: Eddie Martin
Screenplay: Eddie Martin, Hamilton Chango Harris
Cast: Hamilton Harris, Jon Abrahams, Priscilla Forsyth
Cinematography: Hugh Miller
Genre: Documental
Subtitles: Jara Segura
Contact: Dogwoof

Wins & nominations

2020: Tribeca Film Festival