In the last days of the American Civil War, Will, an orphan teenager, and his wicked uncle set out on a journey north to capture Nate, a fugitive from justice. The goal is to deliver it to a band of ruthless bounty hunters. After locating him, the three set out on a cross-country journey amid the final blows of the war. In his journey, the boy will lose the misgivings that kept him from Nate, giving way to paternal-filial ties that will make him doubt the essence of his mission. Will will be faced with an ethical dilemma. You will have to decide between loyalty and your feelings.


The combination of genres of The Retrieval ranges from western to drama or road movie. All colored by that element so omnipresent in current American indie cinema as the coming-of-age is. Newcomer Chris Eska signs this sturdy and striking film, supported by splendid photography and strong direction. It’s a pleasure to present this unreleased film.

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Year: 2013
Runtime: 92′
Country: USA
Direction: Chris Eska
Screenplay: Chris Eska
Cast: Ashton Sanders, Tishuan Scott i Keston John
Cinematography: Yasu Tanida
Genre: Western
Subtitles: Savinen
Contact: Chris Eska

Wins & nominations

2013: Deauville Film Festival – Critics Award

2013: SXSW – Breakthrough Performance (Tishuan Scott)
2013: Independent Spirit Awards – Nominee ‘Someone to Watch’