The Overnight is the story of Alex and Emily, a couple who recently moved to Los Angeles with their son. Eager to quickly have a social life they can boast about and make new friends, it won’t be long before they accept the invitation of Kurt (Jason Schwartzman), their new neighbour, to get together at their luxurious house. However, this seemingly innocent invitation to a pizza dinner ends up in Alex and Emily spending one of the most bizarre nights of their life with the next-door couple. Crazy, sexy and playful, this movie takes the audience to daring and unpredictable grounds, thanks to the brilliance of the script and the splendid work of its four main actors.


After his stunning début film Creep (2014), where he experimented with the low-budget horror genre, close to mumblecore, director Patrick Brice somehow repeats the model of his first work into his second feature, although now the encounter between strangers is filled with sexual tension rather than sinister. This movie was shown as part of the Official Selection at Sundance and benefits from the attraction power of Jason Schwartzman, as a member of the ensemble cast. Smart-mouthed and daring, with many sexual conversations, The Overnight is an entertaining movie where the traumas and shortcomings of its characters are sometimes taken to extremes, but always handled with kindness by its director.


Spanish Première

2015: Sundance Film Festival
2015: dead CENTER Film Festival: “Best Narrative Feature”
2015: Tribeca Film Fest
2015: LA Film Fest

Year: 2015

Runtime: 79 min

Country: USA

Director: Patrick Brice

Screenplay: Patrick Brice

Cinematography: John Guleserian

Cast: Taylor Schilling, Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman

Genre: Comedy

Language: English



Subtitles: Guillermo Parra and Pascale Trencia

Contact: Park Circus