Justin and Aaron share a strange experience: they lived for years in a cult before they could finally run away. However, their life outside the sect hasn’t been bringing them much happiness either. One day, out of the blue, they receive a mysterious videotape that leads them to believe that the members of their old community are about to commit mass suicide. With their curiosity piqued and wondering if running away was the right choice, the two brothers decide to return to their old cult companions. Could it also be that they are searching for the happy life they were hoping to find outside? They end up being received with a lot of affection and warmth by all, although they suspect there is something fishy going on under all that friendliness. To know the truth, they will need to extend their stay a bit more, assuming the risk that they might never be able to return home afterwards.


Three years ago, Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead stunned fans of the fantasy genre with their captivating feature Spring, which they directed, wrote and filmed together. They go a step further with The Endless, where the duo also plays the main characters. This feature cleverly mixes genres such as drama, comedy and, above all, sci-fi. Even on a low-budget, the filmmakers were able to come up with a balanced puzzle of temporal shifts, cults, aliens and whatever means necessary to allow the viewers to put the pieces together. The result is a highly entertaining and exhilarating film that confirms the talent of these versatile filmmakers.


Wednesday 7th 21:45 – Sala 2

Saturday 10th 18:00 – Sala 3


2017: Tribeca Film Festival

2017: Sitges Film Festival

2017: AFI Fest

2017: Best feature – Bucheon Film Festival

Year: 2017

Runtime: 111 min

Country: USA

Direction: Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead

Screenplay: Justin Benson

Cinematography: Aaron Moorhead

OST: Jimmy Lavalle

Cast: Aaron Moorhead, Justin Benson, Tate Ellington, Callie Hernandez

Genre: Science Fiction

Language: VOSE


Contact: La Aventura Audiovisual