Most of us have heard incredible stories about our favorite stars. Anecdotes, myths and legends of our idols that we listen to again and again throughout the years. The director of this documentary, Tommy Avallone, certainly has collected the most stories about the one who could be called the Loch Ness Monster of this century: Bill Murray. Few are lucky enough to have spotted Murray out of the water, but those who have will never forget it.
As a fan and undisputed follower of the star, the director aimed to contact Bill Murray and tell him about his documentary. The plot of this film unfolds as the filmmaker shed light on these anecdotes and urban myths: did Bill really surprise everyone at a party and started dancing with them? Did he recite poetry to a group of builders during their working hours? Did he break into a karaoke bar and sing with everyone present until the wee hours of the morning? The Bill Murray Stories reflects on the impact of these small acts, on the importance we give them, and above all else, it presents the true protagonists behind these stories.

2018: SXSW Film Festival
2018: Hot Docs

Year: 2018

Runtime: 70 min

Country: USA

Direction: Tommy Avallone

Screenplay: Tommy Avallone, Max Paolucci

Cinematography: Derrick Kunzer

OST: John Avarese

Cast: Tommy Avallone, John Barnhardt, Johnathan Davis

Genre: Documentary

Language: VOSE

Subtitles: Ana Pérez

Contact: Push Worldwide